atleast theres tupac in heaven


david duchovny doesn’t know what frogs are


I had a dream I was visiting Shelby bearonaise and Katherine gymnopaedy and I asked if Emily emmilions was coming and Katherine said no because she and Emily looked too alike and a law was passed that if they were in the same room together, whoever owned the room would have to pay the county $40,000 because they were worried other people would get them confused and I got upset and started saying “THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE I CAN SEE THE RESEMBLANCE BUT IT’S NOT LIKE YOU TWO ARE IDENTICAL!! SO YOU CAN NEVER MEET?!?!?!” and Katherine said I could cry if I wanted to so I cried on the hood of the car we were riding on it was so stressful

mycutefriendsweetprincess replied to your post: i fondly remember sitting at the lunch…

do you remember the betrayal of finding out that the twins in the parent trap where one girl and that girl was lindsay lohan. i still haven’t forgiven or forgotten that.

UGH YEAH I DIDNT BELIEVE ANYONE AT FIRST……when it started to set in i remember being really confused at how she had managed to be in two places at once

what toothpaste do u use

i typically use whatever my parents buy (colgate mint i think??) but ive been drinking too much coffee lately so i switched over to crest 3d white in hopES OF IT..DOING…SOMETHING..

i used to be a strict bubblegum flavor only gal but prison does things to a woman

i fondly remember sitting at the lunch table with my two friends in 4th grade and sometimes we would get in heated debates over lindsay lohan and hilary duff and one day it got pretty serious and somehow (on accident) i ended up spewing chocolate milk from my mouth everywhere and my two friends (both named amber) never talked to me again.

the moral of this story is that lindsay lohan was better

hop up!